The professionals in our Firm have always stood side by side with businesspeople, creating a relationship of trust and leading them through the changes in the context in which they operate by putting at their disposal tax technical expertise, capacity of vision, concreteness, reliability and search for solutions appropriate to their specific conditions.

Consistently with this approach, with a view to the future and the spirit we have always used to comply with the businessman’s needs, we have developed a range of skills also in the area of sustainability.

The objective is supporting businessmen and managers in dealing with this subject along the same lines as the business strategy and assessing its scope and impact in order to take decisions that create value and help them to dialogue with their main stakeholders.

In order to face this challenge, Paroli Bruno Fossa has improved its skills by starting a permanent collaboration with Federico Versace, an expert in sustainability management strategy and models with 20+ years of experience in this area.

Based on the teamwork, the Firm can provide a “modular” support, which meets the client’s actual and specific requirements: from assessment on the management level of the several ESG elements (Environmental, Social, Governance) by the company, stakeholder engagement, drawing up of an action plan, governance and organization management, training, to drawing up of the Sustainability Report or the Nonfinancial Statement (DNF).

  • Assessment of the ESG management level;
  • Stakeholder engagement;
  • Action plan;
  • Governance management;
  • Organization management;
  • Training;
  • Sustainability Report
  • Nonfinancial Statement (DNF).