The Partners and Of Counsels of the Firm have gained considerable and multiyear expertise in complex business contexts with the main purpose of achieving - fully independently – a balance among the shareholders’ interests and stakeholders’ interests.

    The Name Partners of the Firm are appointed for the proper and efficient governance management, as (i) nonexecutive members in administrative boards, (ii) independent members in administrative boards, (iii) members in Board of Statutory Auditors, (iv) members in Supervisory Bodies, (v) members of risk, sustainability and remuneration Committees.

    The following is a list of current positions, among others, to be pointed out:

    • Statutory Auditor in Alkemy S.p.A., a public company;
    • Statutory Auditor and member of the Supervisory Body of Samsung Electronics Italia S.p.A.;
    • Statutory Auditor in Ipsen S.p.A., a pharmaceutical company;
    • Statutory Auditor in BNP Paribas Leasegroup S.p.A., a financial company;
    • Statutory Auditor in the industrial joint-venture Lactalis Nestlè Produits Frais S.r.l.;
    • Statutory Auditor in Tangenziale Esterna Milanese S.p.A..